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My Top 5 Reasons to Return Online after a 2.5 year hiatus

Looking to dive back into Grand Theft Auto Online? An old grumpy gamer shares his top 5 reasons, including improved graphics, new vehicles, and DLCs. Fewer griefers and improved multiplayer also add to the fun!
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GTA Online: My Top 5 Reasons to Return Online after a 2.5 year hiatus

Why You Should Dive Back Into Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto V was originally released in 2013 and since then, has provided gamers with a long, deep, and engaging experience with Grand Theft Auto Online. Whether you are a brand new player or returning to the franchise, there are plenty of reasons to dive back into the game. In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the top 5 reasons why gamers should give GTA Online another try.

Improved Graphics

Since its release on Xbox 360, the graphics for Grand Theft Auto 5 have steadily improved. With PC and mods available, gamers can have almost photorealistic gameplay. The graphics make the gameplay experience much more immersive and enjoyable.

New Roster of Vehicles

Rockstar Games has steadily been making new vehicles, skins, and other content for the game. There are plenty of options available for gamers who enjoy driving or flying. From old-school Queen Tasha’s to hypercars, vintage cars, armored vehicles, and even replicas of vehicles like the DeLorean and Batmobile, there is no shortage of choices for players. Most of the cars are customizable, making the player experience even more personalized.


Rockstar Games has steadily been releasing DLCs over the years, which have been fantastic and have added plenty of new content to the game. For example, the After Hours update brought night clubs, new businesses, and new vehicles to the game, while the Southern San Andreas Super Sport series included hotring circuit racing and 10 available tracks. Additionally, the Transform Races, Smugglers Run, Gun Running, and Cunning and Stunts series have all been released over the past few years.

Fewer Griefers

With the releases of games like Fortnite and the upcoming release of Red Dead, many of the griefers and children that tend to screech around and act recklessly on GTA have moved on to other games. This leaves more serious, senior players online most of the time, resulting in a more enjoyable overall experience.

The Heist DLC

The Heist DLC, along with Smugglers Run, Gun Running, and all of the races, has made the multiplayer experience and the teammate player experience much better. Players can join a crew or do a heist with other players, making the game significantly more enjoyable.

If you are considering returning to Grand Theft Auto Online, now is the perfect time to do so. With improved graphics, new vehicles, and fewer griefers, the game is better than ever. Additionally, Rockstar Games has added plenty of DLCs and content over the years, making the gameplay experience more varied and exciting. Finally, with the Heist DLC, players can join crews and work together to take on new challenges.

What reasons did you have to come back to GTA Online after a hiatus? Or are you starting out fresh? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

hi my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer welcome back to the channel in today’s video we’re
looking at my top 5 reasons for diving back into grand theft auto online whether you’re a brand new
player or returning to the franchise Grand Theft Auto online is a long deep and engaging experience
and it’s a lot of fun to play so let’s start off with number 5 improved graphics since 2013
s release on xbox 360 the graphics have steadily improved now with PC and with the mods available
you can have almost photorealistic gameplay the footage we’re looking at here is captured by
Cuddy’s gaming have been kind enough to release it under a Creative Commons license it is using
a mod but I’m sure you’ll agree the results are stunning and number 4 on my list of reasons to
dive back into grand theft auto online is the new roster of vehicles over the last few years
Rockstar have steadily been making new vehicles and new skins and new awesome things to drive and
fly around and even dive around in as you can see scrolling through the shop here we’ve got
old-school Queen Tasha’s old Lamborghinis and Ferraris trikes supercars brand new hyper cars
and even vintage cars all beautifully skin will beautiful accustomed most of them are
customizable as well really really well rounded vehicles all the way through you can see they’re
even an old-school replica of an AC Cobra some beautiful classic cars and I believe that even
a jet on the Aston Martin just brilliant cars all set up absolutely beautifully an absolute
pleasure to drive and fairly affordable as far as in-game currency goes once you get going you can
see there’s absolutely no shortage of selections available and everything from old classics vintage
cars right through to absolutely modern ones not only that but Rockstar have added a whole sweeping
series of really awesome armored vehicles you see there there’s a DeLorean there’s the Batmobile and
planes and tanks and APCs the oppressor and the brand-spanking-new oppressor version too
fantastic to drive the old-school runner there which is based on the KITT from Knight Rider and
all sorts of wonderful toys here to play with and enjoy yourself and generally run amuck with
right throughout the game so that brings us to number three on my list the DLCs the downloadable
content that Rockstar has steadily been releasing over the last five years have been fantastic they
absolutely make the game and have been a joy to play a lot of the time most recently we’ve had
the After Hours update which has bought huge amounts of change to the franchise with night
clubs new businesses new vehicles and great fun in addition we’ve got the the southern
San Andreas Super Sport series which has been an absolute hoot with hotring circuit racing and 10
available tracks doomsday heist which bought a huge number of guns and other content to the
franchise not to mention the transform races the smugglers run gun running and the stunning sorry
the cunning and stunts series released earlier in 2016 and number 2 on my list of reasons to
come back to GTA online is the fact that there are fewer griefers and more senior serious players now
that we’ve had releases of things like fortnight and we’ve got Red Dead coming out very very soon
most of the griefers and the children that tend to screech around and act like completely it’s
on GTA have left for greener pastures and that leaves much more serious senior players on line
at most of the time now you will still get grief as every now and then don’t get me wrong they’re
out there trolls will be trolls but I’ve been on a huge hiatus from Grand Theft Auto online for
the last few years my experience when I started was that I couldn’t go two steps without having
some idiot trying to start a deathmatch with me or just shooting me for no good reason blowing up my
car were generally being a pain in the backside now while it still happens it happens far less
now that I’ve come back to GTA online after a long hiatus and as a result I’m finding the game much
much more enjoyable than I did last time around and finally my number one reason for returning
to Grand Theft Auto online multiplayer the heist dlc the smugglers run gun running and all of the
races have made the multiplayer experience and the teammate player experience much much better
than it was before you don’t necessarily have to be a lone wolf anymore you can join a crew
you can do a heist you can have fun with other players be it friends or partners a crew or even
randoms online if you can find a decent team to work with the game is an absolute joy so what
do you think have I hit the nail on the head have I completely missed the mark what reasons did you
have to come back to GTA online after a hiatus or are you starting out fresh what do you think
please let us know in the comments below also if you’d like us to do any more guides or summaries
if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see the old grumpy gamers do please leave a comment
below thanks for watching it’s been an absolute pleasure having you if you like what you’re seeing
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