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The De Santa Household is a Dysfunctional Mess

Jimmy De Santa's gaming addiction, Tracey De Santa's horrible treatment of her "friends", and Amanda De Santa's Tennis Coach are just a few of the problems faced by Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) in his daily life.
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Before Trevor Philips re-enters this mess, Franklin Clinton is sent to repossess Michael’s car. After knocking out the gardener, Franklin illegally enters the De Santa household, and is (un)lucky enough to overhear some of the goings-on.

…but even after this, Franklins day gets a LOT worse 😐

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“Experience Nature Experience You” by South London HiFi

welcome back to the channel but I’m dead and I’m the old from be gamer today we’re going
to be looking at the complications mission again with Michael and Franklin this is time
round nose we’re gonna hang about in the house and see if we can’t get a bit horrible at what
happens during the day on a typical day for the dissenter hats off we’ll sneak around have a look
at what Tracy’s up to Jimmy’s doing is doing this big long conversation to see if we can the drum
okay I think we’re just about to get Franklin’s control back let’s see how we go okay and we off
alright go for a bit of a trot around the back there is some typically something a little bit
quicker around the back than the front don’t think you mean like you’re stealing these
cars you know I don’t even know if she allows you to steal this gas concentrate so got that
okay spoken about this before this is modeled on the first ever commercially released Tesla
I’m sure most of you know the Tesla vehicles didn’t actually start out as as vehicle body
manufacturers when I started out as modernist basically that took in this case the Lotus
Elise I think it was which is a British car manufacturer who makes great little sports
cars and they converted their small petrol engine vehicles over to an electric vehicle
sorry this to me is clearly not impressed with this what was he doing I’ll pop that on the
roof wait a second I have genuinely no idea what that for my father was absolutely that
could have been put a little messy all right so pulling up to the house and see how offense
right so next step is to go over to the gardener’s vehicle and we’ll get
into that and see see what the kids are up to to start with and
leave where it in where is he it is a very nice slice paper if it once but
I don’t see anything interesting about it is he just escaping options at the start
maybe he’s caught English I don’t know let’s have a look okay up we
go through here and I think we’re gonna come in on Tracy Jimmy having a little
bit of body then she goes just going to sleep I don’t see what Jimmy has already
okay I think that’s the end of what he’s got to say it’s just
so broad dogs I would get so far in labor without Jimmy noticing it’s
clearly quite engrossed in the game the next thing is Tracy see what she
and she finished her she’s gonna sit there and not care about you here we have a lesson
can’t ever imagine why Michael might’ve thought these guys were engaging in more than just tennis
coaching and that’s interesting because it does set up if you pay attention here then
you scenario for the next mission where Michael gets a little bit upset with the coaching that
might might have a bit of a disagreement kind of drops him in the Holland coffee Edwards travel
back on his trail incidentally so as men is still going here I think I think that’s the
loop I’ve not seen any more takes that’s just going through I kind of think that’s
just about it – mixing left ease for us to go and see Michael yeah it’s a bit of a bit of an easter
egg here if you’re paying attention Michael is really in there under the blanket so the
first few times are played through this mission I had no idea how we got there I firmly seated but
just spawning in the back but no they’ve got him there clearly is lying on the blanket mummy that’s
one laughing so get in the car and then start heading back you start seeing what’s going on
so that’s it that’s what’s happening in the dissenter household before Michael and
Franklin really hook up and get into it Tracy’s just being a bit silly Jim Lisa’s playing these
games and really not being very nice in spirit remove a child and of course Amanda enjoying our
coaching lessons with the tennis lessons with the tennis coach there so that’ll be thank you very
much for watching my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer if you like what you’ve seen please
leave a like and a comment below that would be fantastic we are fairly new here and your
feedback is really appreciated if you’d also like to be notified when we post new videos and we try
every day click that subscribe button and click that notification button thanks again for watching

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