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What happens if we follow the biker?!?

Watch as we join Franklin and Lamar on a mission to repossess a green bike. We chase the bike around the map and see where it leads us. Will we be successful? Check out the video to find out.
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GTA 5 Franklin Funny Moments: Repossession of the Green Bike

In this Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay video, we join Franklin on the third mission of the game called “Repossession of the Green Bike”. The video is filled with hilarious moments as we follow Franklin chasing the bike around the map.

Franklin’s Disinterested Attitude

From the very beginning of the game, we see Franklin’s disinterested attitude towards the Employee of the Month award that he receives. Franklin doesn’t care much about it, but his boss at the repo company, Lamar, wants to win it badly.

As we play the mission, we see that the characters have been expertly crafted by Rockstar Games. They have their own value systems, weaknesses, and strengths that shape their personalities, making them interesting to watch.

The GTA 5 World

The GTA 5 world is vast and well-designed. The video shows an alleyway that leads straight back, and there are no fences around it. We wander into it to find the shooting location for the mission. The attention to detail in the game is remarkable, making it feel more real and alive than ever.

Lamar and the GTO

We get to choose between two cars to chase the motorbike. Lamar and Franklin choose the GTO made in England, which was commissioned as a Ferrari killer after a deal fell through between Ford and Ferrari over creating prestigious sports cars.

The Motorcycle Chase

As we chase the bike, we encounter some drunk guys but they don’t stop us. We get into a shootout with guys who are guarding the bike, and we try to use only the weapons provided by Lamar to keep it interesting.

After we retrieve the bike, we chase it around to see where the rider goes, but he doesn’t seem to care that we’re following him. At one point, he gets t-boned by a truck, but stays on his bike like nothing happened. We finally manage to take him down and recover the bike.


The video showcases the third mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, which involves Franklin chasing a motorcycle around to retrieve it. The video is filled with funny moments, as we encounter drunk guys and get into a shootout. The world of GTA 5 is vast and impressively designed with great attention to detail. The characters, including Franklin and his boss Lamar, are well-crafted, with their own unique personalities and value systems.

the largest agency scooby-dee needs to be hi welcome back to the channel client dead and I’ve
known from together we’re looking at the third mission today the one with Franklin and the Mars
repossession of the green bike is in difficulty Francis we’re going to chase the bike around the
map and see where it gets up to under now let’s take a look alright so we’re just going through
the employee of the month stuff just the look on Franklin’s face yeah when the bar finds out it’s
just priceless signal the award means absolutely nothing to anyone least of all Franklin but then
the largest he just needs to win he needs to be first regardless of what a team and I find that
probably a little more amusing now I shoot but that’s right it’s good fun again Rockstar has
done very very well to betray the the characters here as as for like trying but flawed and showing
their personal value system and how that rules what they do have they reacted what
they get upset all right we in control again a joke and so we’ve got Wu now what to tighten
actually it’s not that much hard decision let’s let’s grab the GTO the gt40 I should say Delhi
car made in England sorry invented the original which is always fun alright so let’s go for it
incidentally the gt40 the real-life car by Ford was commissioned as a Ferrari killer after a a
deal fell out between Ford and Ferrari over new cars and making prestige sports cars on
I’ll put a link up as well there’s a gritty breakfast a top gear yeah what I like to do
when I get to everything just make the mini that door open oops hey honey okay over the
fence it’s drunk fellas now having a good time hey so these guys suspect we’ll see how they go
I’m surprised they didn’t stop us although it is just kind of a public area and you can see
that through the other sides but a bit further up here there’s actually no need for a fence out
of the front there’s all of these or alleyways it leads straight back through here and there’s
no fences around the adult so we’ll just wander into the first one Isis thanks I remember rightly
it should be something real baby yeah there we gotta finish shooting location always nice and
loving as smart as he is figured out the only other place that it possibly could be easier
and so it’s worth noting that normally at this point of the game Franklin doesn’t have a side
I’ve been playing for a few hours on this one so I’ve got a few extra weapons but what I’ll
do is I’ll do my best to just use what Lamar kicks to me here which is looks like Justin
he didn’t get some cover select the right weapon get out and get balling the guy here
well that’s Africa someone else around
and there is a GTO ready to go door open
and just give the brakes a quick tap so we can spend more time on the ground and
some errands before it’s particularly I just want to catch up to this dude
and see where is booth where he gets off the ice and ears barking wait for
a second let’s get this one edge again come on one edge in the car
Oh last week waited for a sentence that was nothing there is so what we’ll do is pick up
the pace and just gently follow him along see where he goes where he gets up to how long we
can keep it up he he’s also does vocalize his concerns a little bit as well so be
funny to suggest many times the cat’s nose and the mouth off some about what’s doing
so it’s just cut along here and see where he gets where he goes when he gets up to
silly doesn’t drive like he is running for his wife that wasn’t even nice surprisingly
new move like that one did you see that that’s up right I’ll start a break by
up but that kind of really just he was clearly in a hearty was not looking where he was going
and I am genuinely surprised ever little fella wasn’t I wasn’t me not playing off
probably Oh cleaned up and that did absolutely nothing to me just a random still we go you’ve
properly got riled by that truck I don’t even know maybe the world gets it just seems that
in these early missions rock stars got one minute set up for these things they want to
make sure he’s alright he’s okay the mini is set up just within the first few missions is really
interesting and I didn’t notice it before I started making these videos because I just
played through the scenario I play for mission anything if it’s properly open I can do anything
I want as long as I don’t hear any parameters of the mission but this guy’s been cleaned up by a
truck he’s been t-boned by a black car running a red light and going exceptionally quickly
and yet he’s still kicking no problems whatsoever and there’s a brand how are you
is he running what is wrong with you buddy he’s all okay and he’s
got his feet right anyway background this is papa
the truck I’m just watching Lily moved off on the bottom of the screen there
the same come around and see if it gets up to Duffy stick around as he come back around
and game miscounted nothing looks like he’s coming back again it’s just a we got these
off fantastic honest is fake but strongly she’s going into Potter and that for a while
I’m not sure that Rockstar like school duty oh no ni kpop can I
pet you don’t want banging on drum tracks really really hard
Jax is and there’s every way I’m just wondering if rockstar are going to ever just giving him a
random pattern or whether potentially praying will give up or you’ll just keep sure but we’ve been
going on this best part of 15 minutes and he’s not really done much other than swear at me he’s not
going countries are going in interesting is just putting around they’re really interacting much
I’m just fascinated we can do such a buggy you know being driven into by a truck is
easily fighting my toe isn’t gonna finish this one off by just popping him here we go
and he hasn’t even whoop what’s that deuce I was Lamar and he hasn’t even doing giving
me water so now we’re going to take this back to back to Sunday and share with you
but yeah I don’t think he was going to go much further I just strongly suspect that
he was just going to keep cutting around and that keep driving around aimlessly until you
got forward and lost in you forward itself so that’s it for this video thank you very
much for staying to the end if you like what you’ve seen please drop a like and
subscribe down below and if you’d like to press that little belly button it’ll let
you know when we have new videos up thank you very much for watching and see you again sir

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