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Franklin and Lamar Aliens on Set

In this video, Dan and Franklin repo two cars for Simeon. They have to deal with a groggy security guard and some reckless drivers. Despite some mishaps, they're successful in their mission.
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Exploring the Mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 with Franklin and Lamar

Join Dan from Uganda as he takes you on a wild ride through the streets of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) on a mission with Franklin and Lamar. In this video, Dan provides a humorous and entertaining look at the first proper driving mission of the game.

As the video begins, we are introduced to Michael, who is parked down the street. Dan and Lamar sneak up to two cars they are repossessing for their boss, Simeon. But things don’t go as planned, and they end up having to follow some security guards through heavy traffic. Dan takes advantage of Franklin’s ability to slow down time and dodges his way through the traffic in the nick of time.

GTA 5 Easter Eggs and Experiments

The video also features some of the easter eggs and experiments that players can try out while playing the game. Dan’s exploration includes checking out the behavior of the NPCs, observing their dress codes, and testing their driving skills. In addition, he reveals some of the hidden secrets that the game has to offer.

One particular scene in the video involves an alien attack, which is part of a fun experiment that players can try out. Dan highlights the different parts of the alien attack, including the alien attack part one and two, the alien part under the bridge, and so on.

Humorous Moments with Franklin and Lamar

Through it all, Dan provides a hilarious commentary on the action, keeping viewers engaged and entertained. His banter with Franklin and Lamar helps to bring the characters to life and make the experience more immersive.

GTA 5 Movies in Game and Studio Missions

Dan also explores some of the movie-related aspects of the game, including the in-game movie studios and missions. He provides a glimpse into what players can expect when they dive deeper into the game’s movie-making capabilities.

In short, this video is a delightful romp through the world of GTA 5. With its engaging commentary, exploration of the game’s easter eggs and experiments, and entertaining interactions with Franklin and Lamar, viewers are sure to have a great time watching.

hi my name’s Dan and I know from Uganda this time we’ll be looking at the mission the in the
okay first mission with Franklin so first proper driving mission we’ve also been
introduced tumor Michael is parked down the street there somewhere not entirely sure I
can’t see that’s a rock we shall wander up sneak up two cars we’re repo’ing for Simeon
Minnesota’s had a bad week asses up for sound foreclosure both cars repossessed
looks like he’s having a bit of fun and if we hang around for too long I think and
boy gets a bit groggy let’s see if we can see there is he’s coming out for a truck
if we leave in May he gets a little bit upset I’ve got another video which goes
through some of the sort of bits and pieces he gets up there sorry that was unfortunate
yeah we’ve got another video there that goes through what he gets up to gets upset and we
stand around and wait for in to confront such a beautiful I’ll put a link up below
okay so something through traffic and we got yes Franklin’s ability very very
just slam wave them on there’s like I think you’re gonna hit machine
no our through druggie security is that
all right let’s follow them and see where we go
let’s see if we can see what happens to the people
I mean seriously use your mirrors it’s basic driving another wearing jeans sometimes the
drivers in morally run run TC I’m gonna leave enough I mean seriously I’m just down for a job
again together Inc
I’ll never forget
there are only gain speed up the video each other homicide
you gotta peel these down for a proper truck follow me around let’s get on cat run way to go
and it’s gone he’s gone Jimena I think he’s going
up the left-hand side they Rock drawing against a fun
well there is a he was moving whoops he was really moving
quick busy guy I’ll put up a red flag today that was definitely a little bit
and I did
I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go I’m a big big fan and a dealer tonight before that Lisa I am
fantastic so this time on [ __ ] appointment Randy does government get some batteries right much fun
suspect on tool in the first round someone
through we go when you filming if you guys wish hold on for a job
the one that will be longer this is this beer this is disappear
okay I don’t think we’re going to get much more animated and
awesome give it a bit more practice it happens
suspect quite strong
go where they running to what you’re doing
pilot we move so
thank you very much for watching the video it’s been a lot of fun making it so my name is dead
I’m an old fogy gamer please remember to Like and subscribe if you liked what what you’ve seen we
love making the galaxy and it’s a real compliment wife and subscriber also grab the menu click the
notification button if you can to that way there’s post every day I’ll throw some extra links up to
other videos in the tail here and we’ll see how we get on and thank you very much again for watching

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