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Franklin and Lamar: Funny Moments with the Car Owner

Grand Theft Auto 5’s first look at Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis, where they “repossess” 2 stellar looking convertibles.
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Turns out the “owner” isn’t super happy for GTA 5’s Franklin Clinton about his cars being taken!

Instead of just taking off (as Grand Theft Auto 5’s script wants us to do), we hang about, and see what the owner of the cars is willing to do to get at least one of them back.

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I am welcome back to the channel my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer today we’re
looking at mission – of grand theft auto 5 GTA v second mission called franklin and it’s good
fun we’re just playing around with the front this is where they firstly introduced to michael and
then go to steal repossess as their first first amigas what we’re going to be doing is having
and let’s see why here we go Michael’s taking water down think that’s just spooky Beach we’re
getting moved along and you know all the normal stuff you see sort of cutting around a vagrant
there is clearly having a bad day and I think we just had to get introduced to Franklin and
Lamar at the chat it’s a really nice segue we’ve cut into that to introduce the the
two characters without clean completely obtrusive for obvious about it it’s just
a small interaction the random encounter I suppose I’ll be on their part somebody
that’s pretty safe so here we go Franklin’s just having a bit of a chat explaining some of these
is life philosophies and the Maori so doing so they clearly see things a bit differently
there’s new jobs obviously office
see what happens right there is a house and a finger about to regain control I
think we can get through this inside missions are using guns in fact I don’t think at this
point like frankly look a little bit sharp when he does he doesn’t have that silly makeup so let’s go
actually let’s go around the back to you so it looks like it’s a full closure as well as I
cleared this so I close one upstairs Chamberlain chair whose autism that’s a flat texture there’s
no texture we tips to the plants and furniture inside we believe it’s quite likely there as
you know I don’t use months like moment and so we small but if you’d like to leave a couple
of suggestions for months that might help me a stream books on torture recovery and
other illustrators that is different so if you’d like to leave some suggestions
a couple boards like it for house it started on school night somebody inside living cells
drop-top and everything auntie one
oh man pppp pppp that i think that’s the only time he’s upset
that’s different idea apparently we have these premium rods and he’s
how long can we get this guy chances
sorry whoops easy Germany folk they must be a hit traffic traffic what
okay apparently we can’t wait to see what looks like there is let’s see what happens
if you stand back what’s he gonna do oh he is not happy let’s see I’m not happy you use
yep he’s properly not happy cheesy got some distance on that one never be born why most
American oh no it was good fun let’s see what happens we just taking the outlets
again it upsets I’m gonna punch you in face let’s say what that
oh oh he can move and did you see that dog that was
fantastic both stratifies and cheesy can actually
he did you see that how much that was fantastic that was a
proper solar to avoid that boy back to the nose Tai Chi which
despite what some people think action good Marshall this kinky movement spot
all right let’s see what happened to see if I can make this commodity was
fun I’m just gonna use fists because that’s how I can do
get back up maybe gonna get back down
if you please just get another
which probably
they welcomed us I witness he’s pumped in well he’s got two beautiful gardens
kicked out credit that pounces on the top player must be heavy
and Tinka
a little bit far away there done like a peanut I think after that one all right let’s you know
what I’m gonna finish this video up in just a few moments but let’s just let him have a crack
let’s see if we can just do some buggies and sorta see if we can come out without covering
their is oh he got me
years ago too many moves you just got that right and then yeah we got one
cheeky bugger and where he is a grumpy man okay well I think that’ll probably do it for
this time around thank you very much for watching my name is Dan I’m an old grumpy
gamer and I’ve been watching the old girl big over the channel don’t forget to Like
and subscribe and also hit that notification button down at the bottom so you know when
I’ve got new videos coming up we aim to get something up every day maybe play on GTA but
it’s been an absolute pleasure messing around for you guys thank you very much for watching

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