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Jimmy’s really botched it this time…

In this video, the viewer watches as the player controls Franklin's driving ability to catch up with Jimmy. The goal is not to rescue Jimmy, but to see how long they can watch before he gets himself into trouble. The player notes the use of rubber banding and other tactics in the mission.
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Review of GTA 5 Story Mode Mission: Father/Son

In this video, we take a closer look at one of the earliest but most action-packed missions of GTA 5 story mode, Father/Son. As players control Franklin, they set out on a mission to rescue Jimmy, who has been kidnapped by some thugs.

Overview of the Mission

The mission begins with Franklin driving to save Jimmy. Although Franklin is a skilled driver, this time he is more emotional than ever, making the driving experience more difficult. To make things challenging, Jimmy is on a yacht, and Franklin needs to drive to the seashore to intercept him.

After reaching the shore, the player needs to navigate a series of hills and narrow streets to find the yacht. The initial effort seems to be pretty easy and straightforward, but as one progresses, it becomes increasingly tough. One key takeaway from this mission is that the yacht is fast and stays quite far away from the shore, which makes it harder to catch up.

After finally catching up with the yacht, the player must fight off Jimmy’s kidnappers to rescue him. The kidnappers are well-armed, and they will stop at nothing to escape. As gunshots ring out, the yacht starts to explode, and chaos ensues. The player needs to act fast, rescue Jimmy, and escape on a dinghy as the yacht explodes.

Interesting Observations

One interesting observation during the Father/Son mission is how rockstar has used tactics that seem to be unnoticed by players, especially inexperienced ones. For example, in this mission, as Franklin starts yelling, the boat slows down, and when he stops, the yacht speeds up again.

Also, players need to pay attention to the yacht’s position relative to the shoreline during the chase, as it is easy to lose track of it. Another exciting aspect of the mission is its openness, allowing players to explore the surroundings and come up with their rescue strategies.


Overall, the Father/Son mission is an excellent introduction to the GTA 5 story mode, giving players a chance to experience the high-octane action and adrenaline-fueled driving. Although challenging, the mission is quite fulfilling, with multiple ways to complete it, making it one of the best in the game.

hi welcome back to the channel on this video we’re going to be looking at the
okay Franklin that’s a shame really like Franklin’s driving driving ability here
it’s really a but I’m sure Michael be using experience alright so let’s get
going notice for the convertible I think they’ll probably notice that
before the number white Cristal like the champagne I should probably pay attention
grunts okay we’re off we’re gonna catch up with Jimmy so the plan here is to catch up
not necessarily rescue Jimmy just see how long we can tell them before he gets himself killed
or kidnappers Franklin’s other side do something important happens I’m a bit cagey see how far
out the hard way you can get and what happens when they start running at far away with that
if they were that far away that’s a place I’ve not done this before no I’m genuinely knowing
you would say heaven slightly this mission for all the countries I have done with system okay
so getting it done get thrown into a story market but it looks like we’re coming up on
the yacht or at least on the Waypoint there is this them and I’m just going to stay back what
certainly back enough that it’s an issue for Franklin it is all over the place that is it
really this is just a simple traffic everywhere so you can put some clothes on there’s a jump on it
rolling all over the place now that’s interesting rock star slowed that yacht
right in like right I didn’t expect that I thought they were just keep going but I’ve
noticed in the last last few videos there are your life conditions rockstar has been using
rubber banding and using in tactics you might not notice if you’re not really having attention to
to make the that the mission there’s one one will be quickened like you feel a little bit more song
at what’s coming down obviously Franklin’s getting upset event okay close enough you
can see the speed from I’m taking it pretty easy every time Franklin starts yelling about
McCain slit and every time frankly stops yelling and that getting back onto the
front white slug-like and they put a no so anything yeah he’s sitting try to oh wow did
you see that I will put up the rape flight just about it but that music rid of them it
just rammed underneath that track to travel down this fence it just kept going all right where is
the top you got a few people just kind of pull it over in panic and I can more than others say
why and again it’s loading right Danny absolutely nothing for that other than to push the English
so he is addicted bridge and again slowing it down that guy stick up the price again you see there we
go alright so Franklin’s just called from to go a bit quicker I’m just gonna sit here right at
this point that is hot I wonder he’s swung again every time Franklin’s young presumably to get get
on them so that we can get to the next politician doing that I just want to see where they get up to
he’s fantastic Franklin’s clearly upset he’s not feeling so low right down again there’s
no obstacles in front I don’t know if you could say that from you no obstacles whatsoever that’s
really slowing me right down so it’s like the bike admission without slowing down to the point
where it was just Franklin was repossessing so we’re up and out of reach still going
this is just opening the gate okay so I’m going to throw some music on and
we just go for a drive and see oh no no I’m not this looks like the end of the
cutting okay that’s it if you don’t get close enough that’s a proper mission file
right well in that code
okay so you can’t drive around for too long with it that’s worth revisiting longer in the meantime
I think that will probably be it for this video thank you very much for watching if you like what
you’ve seen please leave a like below and if you have any feedback or any discussion you’d
like to contribute please please leave something in the comments we’re pretty new with this and
we’re still improving and genuinely came to hear your feedback don’t forget to subscribe and put
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to post every day thank you again for watching speaker and happy and see you in the next video

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