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Jimmy’s First Mission (Father/Son)

Sure, Michael’s a sociopath, Tracey’s a narcissist and Amanda’s less than faithful; but by far and away the biggest waste of air in the De Santa household is Jimmy De Santa.
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When he goes to sell Michael De Santa’s Yacht (without his Dad’s permission, mind you), he manages to get the boat stolen and himself inadvertently kidnapped by the thieves.

It’s Michael De Santa and (mainly) Franklin Clinton to the rescue…

We walk you through this mission, on a full playthrough featuring all cut-scenes, tips, tricks and commentary – on a vanilla installation of Grand Theft Auto V.

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but it actually not hi my name’s Dan nominal from Uganda in this video we’re going to do
a bit of a walkthrough of the fuzzy side mission for grand theft auto 5 that’s I
think the third or fourth mission only the track with Franklin is wholly introduced as
Frank to Michael rather than possession he’s been a dialogue here and then leave
the project so we’ll skip through and then pick it up when Franklin keys back
what do you want and I’ll come back for that drink you offered I saw I wasn’t really serious
about that what you’re here whatever sit yeah I’m gonna rob me again man I never robbed you
that was just a repossession I’m kidding you got whatever you want to call it I really don’t care
gotta do for you [ __ ] I just came by to see if this something I can help you with I see you
doing well for yourself I’m retired nature would be yelling for the pipe slippers and staying at
a [ __ ] sunset you know I’ve been in this game for a lot of years I got out alive it makes me
the right age if you look like a good kid if you want my advice you’re the [ __ ] up you work hard
screw over everybody that you love hurt Rob kill indiscriminately and maybe just maybe if you’re
lucky you become a 3-bit gangster it’s [ __ ] go to college you’re gonna rip people off and
get paid for it it’s called capitalism so what I saw the other day was like when the corpse briefly
reanimates itself and terrorizes everyone right but you saw the other day was a guy dealing with
pests guess I never saw myself it’s just a [ __ ] piss well today’s lesson is all about humility
tomorrow we tried training montage training what I just lost in an 80s movie fantasy yeah I could
see you spend a lot of time there much as I can so that’s why you here in buying would be right
maybe I’m here because I’m just an idiot thinks that imported palm trees are a good substitute
for not really knowing what the [ __ ] you’re doing on this earth she’s a good time you know
that tell you least I can do is buy you that beer there’s a little bar I like it’s not too far from
here let’s go I mean I follow you okay and we’re picking back up off the dog you now have control
of Rocco and behold a coach that sounds of that series got the site for exact I mean our boat
going down the western Iowa it’s been stolen what the yotz been stolen I was trying to sell
it I know you didn’t want it sold but I need money and they don’t want to buy it they just
want to take it hiding in the head you’re insane all right I’m coming for my boat all right and
we’re back in Michaels understandably upset Jimmy is just the biggest in this game I don’t care who
you think is more useless and yeah Jimmy’s just a cock-up it really is pretty ordinary
vodcast Franklin’s in the car we’re going to take off or and then kick it out to the right pots
which litigate interestingly enough up until the point where you I ball the yacht understand it’s
still open you can go for a drive anywhere ever map you can do anything you like as long as you
don’t wander too far from the frankish and you don’t get the waypoint in another video we did
just a few days ago we can we took took franklin and market for a drive up to see Trevor and at
this point in time Trevor hasn’t been introduced we don’t know who leases character you don’t know
where he was wandering around and Franklin certainly knows about his relationship with
Michael so we took a drive up there and we could do that on this mission at this point in the game
no repercussion is as far as fun which it goes as long as leading one to too far from where Michael
and from where Franklin Nestor so they’re not too far away from they will be setting up for
the first time so just sneaking behind there and I suspect just as we come around the corner we’re
going to see it yacht whizzing by and then we can start pursuit alright so rolling again I’m just
following the GPS that gives us the most direct route to where we need to be slow down here a
touch because this car is really tailee and I want to keep up with it now you’ll notice here we’re in
Amenas car not Michaels of Franklin’s despite them both being presumably at the house oh wow
that is spectacular and it didn’t go over a day by the Franklin pulling up to jump on it we sneak
up nice and gentle Motul Franklin you don’t hit the car too much so but rather too much in there
because oh there it goes don’t hit the trailer too much because it bounces you in sliding down
a fitted and that’s that’s not great so slow and steady and smooth for this one and it’s
Franklin just wrestling that dude up it’s hot give me the rope you guys let’s make sure hit
getting got it did I get it huh he’s stuck all right that’s interesting there’s Jimmy
that’s just a cup Jimmy’s in a mask so what you need to do now need to watch out because that
sometimes I was thinking traffic which makes it a bit hard slow and steady and smooth there
he is it get and our boy is still stuck there all right so now we have to wait for Franklin
to get on the back of the yacht and off we go there he goes slow and steady and smooth you
don’t try and pop you got too much otherwise yes boys the whole mission there so pick it back up
again Franklin systematic position and then we’re nearly there all right now we’ve looked at this
before despite the fact that it feels like we gonna find out we’re actually not rocks Donna
has a bit of a knack for what has that shot and has a bit of a knack for solving things
down and making things a bit more linear then you might otherwise consider getting this game
popper link up so that’s while it looks like it’s open at that point what they’re doing is they’re
kicking you very much on track and they’re also slowing the yacht down to a point where
we’ve seen similar things with the biker
when Franklin’s stealing his bike for the first time and also with Lamar’s wrong abandoning
him the first realization of the mission where Franklin and them have a casual encounter with
psychologists office of English PGH dialogue here I’m just gonna get a job it’s all your
[ __ ] fault it’s not but it’s partly your fault I mean I just want to impress you by
selling my phone for some gangbangers I know it sounds dumb when you put it like that but all
you do is daydream or get angry look I love you Jimmy but you’re an [ __ ] and right now
with my boat disappeared over the horizon that’s all I can see Franklin Jeep do me a
favor give this kid a ride home after they fix this thing I want ahead but the road in peace
great leave me with the home invader I’ll get it done oh no problem yeah enough all right enough
hey Franklin you call me a cab sure thing man I need a cab as soon as you can save one los
santos customs by the airport fine thanks thanks man hey so you uh do mugs got it not anymore no
I know before I mean man now that really this little [ __ ] stays in his room all day and I
don’t have any other people to go with no I like looking at it looking yeah yeah I come down to
the marina sit on the dock pour myself a drink and look at Jack it clear my head you know let
me dream Jaqueline huh well maybe you need to do some other [ __ ] to fill your time three mother
dreams man eight it’s the place up here I know this dude man’s name how you gonna look after
I take what’s in my pocket a couple thousand bucks that’ll cover it right okay and that is
it for the main or the first part of the mission we’re just going to pop into los santos customs
here get Amanda’s car repaired then take you back home Joe alright I think Michael and Franklin have
become fast friends in this one that’s really cool and Jimmy’s just wears such a trihard all right
so rockstar has done a couple of things in this game they’ve introduced convertibles to the game
and the fact that you can’t get out of them fairly easily they’ve introduced the shooting and driving
mechanic in this one I know we saw a little bit in the motorcycle mission a little while about but a
bit more accurate a bit more fun with the yoke there and they’ve introduced cabs and we have
introduced the most los santos customs as well as a place to go and get a car done now we’re
not tricking out the main is right today it’s just plain and simple deliver the home and pin it and
sorry deliver a repaired car then we’ve got a bit of dialogue coming up I’ll see if I can get this
home with yet too much stuff no I mean sure Jimmy Amy our James Jimmy or just like chiselled nah
man I’ll just stick with Jimmy home so uh what’s the deal man huh you my old man I see you at the
dealership then someone steals my width and Papa’s are like he’s been down there to talk to you guys
your pops didn’t want to talk what’d he do look man if he ain’t tell you I goat it but I lost
my [ __ ] job and I thought maybe he can help me Father dude my dad is retired like fully but his
only marketable skills are watching TV and daytime drinking man look I don’t know him he seems okay
to me she did he say Joanne you saved my ass man well well maybe we go together you know like maybe
we can get [ __ ] done we couldn’t do separately if it keeps him out of the house that’s cool by me
yeah well we’ll see look I’m sorry my dad lost to you job it’s hard out there huh I mean I’m
employed mentally challenged at the moment oh you got fired dude hey that’s rough not fired as such
I didn’t get a job I’ve been at home you’ve been putting the resumes out there but no one’s hard
I didn’t get a job I’ve never had a job it feels like hard work not nearly home
I was hoping it through the dead scratch but that’s okay just a little bit of a nip you see
if that comes up and then checking it for this one nearly at the dissenter Manor won’t be too much
longer and then we do not scarce fighting about this area of town you go so that’s interesting
Lee but Franklin’s cars not fighting over the place so I have no idea how he’s gone he must
have walked handlebar dropping off or they took a cabin or something again Jimmy just being an
absolute okay so that’s it for gameplay for this walkthrough thank you very much for watching my
name’s Dan I’m an old drum together if you like what you’ve seen please leave us a like
down below that would be really help us out and if you new click that subscribe and that’s bail
button and that will let me know have movie as well thank you very much for watching

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