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Franklin and Lamar Caught Cheating

In this video, Dan explores the second mission of GTA V with Lamar and Franklin, focusing on the game's rubber banding mechanics that defy the laws of physics. Dan has fun experimenting with these mechanics while completing the mission, resulting in some hilarious and memorable moments.
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Investigating Mechanics in Grand Theft Auto V

In this video, the host Dan explores the mechanics and dynamics present in the second mission of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), which features the characters Franklin and Lamar. He highlights some of the problems and mechanics that Rockstar has introduced within this particular mission, which are unique to the game and quite fascinating.

GTA V – An Introduction

The video begins with a brief introduction to the dynamic duo, Franklin and Lamar, who are central to this particular mission. Dan explains that in this mission, they are taking cash back to Jimmy and highlights how the cars seem to defy the laws of physics, particularly in terms of momentum, which allows Lamar to perform some incredible feats on the road.

Dynamic Car Mechanics in GTA V

During the mission, Dan examines some of the dynamics of the game’s cars, which he believes are based on Rubber Banding mechanics that Rockstar has introduced to ensure that Lamar is always ahead of Franklin. He demonstrates how the Rubber Banding system works and explores how the cars’ dynamics seem to defy the laws of physics, and how this impacts the game’s overall experience.

While driving, Dan uses Franklin’s special ability to zip around corners quickly, which is essential in such exciting missions. He shows how Lamar can keep up with Franklin’s speed, and sometimes even surpass it, making it difficult to observe the laws of momentum at play. Dan provides a fascinating insight into the game’s car mechanics and how they affect the gameplay flow of the missions.

GTA V Experiments

The video takes a fun turn when Dan decides to experiment with the game dynamics and see what kind of unique experiences he can create with the game’s mechanics. One such experiment involves the rubber-banding mechanic, and Dan chooses to pick up the faster car and do some real rubber-banding fun. He uses the faster car to test the game’s rubber-banding system and explores how Lamar’s speed and agility impact the game’s dynamics. Throughout the video, Dan finds situations where the game’s mechanics lead to unexpected, hilarious, and sometimes frustrating experiences that add to the game’s overall fun.

GTA V Easter Eggs

While exploring the game’s mechanics and dynamics, Dan also discovers a GTA V Easter egg, which is a hidden message, feature or item that is intentionally included by the game’s developers. He finds moments of comedy and fun in the game’s unexpected mechanics, which are often the highlight of the video.

GTA V Franklin and Lamar Funny Moments

Throughout the video, Dan highlights some of the funniest moments that he experiences through Franklin and Lamar’s missions. From the game’s dynamics to the rubber-banding mechanics, Dan keeps the video light and entertaining, making it a must-watch for all GTA V fans.

GTA V Lamar Cheated

One of the significant discoveries that Dan makes in the video involves Lamar cheating mechanics. He highlights how Lamar cheats and gains an unfair advantage over the other players. He explores how this mechanic impacts the game and how players can work around it to stay competitive.


Ultimately, Dan’s video exposes some of the unique yet unintended mechanics and dynamics present within GTA V’s gameplay. These mechanics and dynamics can lead to some fun and sometimes hilarious moments for players who explore them. Dan highlights how players can experience the game in new ways by experimenting with different aspects of the game’s mechanics. For GTA V fans, this video is a must-watch because it provides an insightful look into the game’s mechanics and dynamics.

five my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer today we’re looking at the second mission in
GTA v that’s the Lamar and Franklin mission and through this one we’re going to be investigating
some really major problem and mechanics the rock star has introduced for this specific
grand theft on fire should be a little bit of fun okay alright so we’re back to the
first mission with Franklin and Lamar this is enough for Franklin and the Masters where GTA
introduces us to the dynamic duo here you’ve just had a bit of an interaction with Michael
in the previous cutscene but what we’re going to be looking at some of the dynamics of these cars
because they seem to in many ways amazing in particular to defy the laws of physics
specifically any momentum this means pretty interesting read that Lamar gets up to I think
this is largely based on some rubber banding mechanics that Rockstar has introduced to sure
that Lamar is in front of us at keep limited so you can see we’re going around this is taking
cash back to Jimmy we just about to get there is just a movie sorry what was it I’ll pay that that
wait mr. Benton we’ve just got the brother building Franklin special
ability so that means that we can zip around some corners pretty quickly
faster than the piece is Bruce Summerhays for those I’m gonna pick up the special ability
which means Franklin phases the corner a lot faster and then watch what happens he fool he
was off did you see that turn oh all right so I’m probably gonna lose the Meijer in a second
kid but I’ll put a break play off of that turn because well who was already made sorry because
that was just phenomenal very exhausting okay is this that was just incredibly the
speed at which he turned that car should not be able to do effects on but again is elfin rice
so we are right up instantly matches in speed no Franklin where did he go did you said that
he made that turn ahead to me yeah right angle at least anymore that’s we pull that
not easy which rubber banding on this is just fantastic give me some hilarious to
watch and it can have some really comedic effects I’ll go back again soon to start
reaching over the top and not work better to do it right so let’s let’s see I’m actually
going to deliberately fired twice so we can see exactly goes on so that’s the cops
seriously they’re shooting at me I haven’t even got popped around the
cops here are a little we call them overzealous
so typically the berkeley file permission certainly just going so that I can get back here
alright I’ll come back to and the back sorry violet the the Michigan let me exit and reset
back to partner I could ever be so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to take the
faster car the red one which has a bit more juice than the white one and do some real
rubber-banding fun let’s let’s see what we can do I have seen some some ridiculousness while
in tinkering with this game and the cornering ability of LaBar in this particular is just
fantastic so roll back again we just have to build us is doing some crazy acrobatics
and look at that the Pisces picking up just incredible – ladies and gentlemen
and that’s been disappointing that’s okay let’s try and eat just gonna skip the cuts I’m not
gonna use it as Umi this time you’ll see what goes down because I want to try and get up and
see where the moments turn-offs and that’s where physics defying stuff is so get around this corner
pray I love that I can take out a traffic hole I can drive through
all sorts of stuff knock a truck over but a small Burch absolutely destroy
it Sam goes for small shrubs out in the bush forest around the corner go cyclist
yeah that cap cap cap oh [ __ ] that was
and he’s off yeah yeah that was my fault sorry that was
we go over awfully quick no there we go now I was on full lock there and that speed could not I was
on the cool locked out of that speed could not make that too but if we go back to the replay
for that only put that up as this is rolling we will see that they made that turn without
any problems whatsoever let’s give it this one more go and see if we can’t look there I can’t
get a bit more rubber band action happening I am a huge fan of this it’s unusual with gta5 to
have this kind of it goes this kind of mechanic unless for racing but even then doctor races are
pretty fair as far as I’m concerned if you work well within the system and humble and is off the
pace and again I can’t make that turn I’m not a lot of great driver don’t get me wrong hood
another great other don’t get me wrong I’m still that’s physics-defying turns right back to it
oh gee security guards not happy I’ve never noticed him before and there’s the rest of the
cutscene okay well that was a bit of fun and we’ve gone through some neat stuff with this particular
mission again the early missions we’ve gotta start sending home quite linear and making the way they
want to play fit they’re great fun and discover this lovely new rubber banding mechanic in real
missions so thank you very much for watching watching it’s been an absolute hoot doing this
with you and I’ve learned a bit and had a bit of fun so thank you again if you would like to like
and subscribe and hit that notification button you will be informed of new videos we’re doing
regular tempo BDO’s everyday this it’s been great having it we’ll see you in the next one

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