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Is Lamar Davis REALLY that stupid?

In this video, the YouTuber checks out a mission from GTA 5, including Easter eggs and gameplay mechanics. The focus is on criminal mastermind Lamar and his hilarious antics. The video showcases the game's driving and climbing mechanics, as well as Franklin's ability.
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Grand Theft Auto V Mission Playthrough: Franklin, Lamar, and Chop

In this Grand Theft Auto V mission playthrough, we join Franklin, Lamar, and Chop on a mission to kidnap a member of a rival gang. As we navigate the winding streets of Los Santos, we encounter Easter eggs and funny moments that make this one of the most entertaining missions in the game.

Meet the Cast

Franklin, one of the game’s main protagonists, is the driver on this mission. His quick reflexes and driving skills come in handy as he navigates the streets of Los Santos while avoiding the police and rival gang members.

Lamar Davis, a mutual friend of Franklin and Chop, is the brains behind the operation. He comes up with the plan to kidnap a member of a rival gang and recruits Franklin and Chop to help him carry it out.

Chop, Franklin’s loyal canine companion, is the muscle on this mission. He uses his keen sense of smell to track down the gang member and helps Franklin and Lamar apprehend him.

GTA V Mission Playthrough

As we join the action, we see Franklin and Lamar driving through the streets of Los Santos, discussing the mission at hand. They soon meet up with Chop and begin tracking down the gang member they plan to kidnap.

As they drive through the city, we see some unique features of GTA V, including the bright colors and detailed graphics that make this game stand out from its predecessors. We also witness some of the Easter eggs scattered throughout the game, such as the speculation that Franklin is actually CJ’s daughter from the previous installment of Grand Theft Auto.

As Franklin and Lamar approach the gang member’s location, they don masks to conceal their identities, while Chop searches for the target using his sense of smell. Once they have located the target, they proceed with their plan to kidnap him and make a quick getaway in a stolen van.

As they evade the police and other rival gang members, we see Franklin’s expert driving skills in action, as he makes sharp turns and quick getaways. We also see Lamar’s persuasive abilities and humor, as he convinces the gang member they have kidnapped to cooperate with them in their scheme.

As the mission comes to a close, we witness the aftermath of their daring escapade, with Franklin and Lamar enjoying their newfound wealth while Chop relaxes at home.

The Genius of Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis, one of the most beloved characters in GTA V, is known for his quick wit, humor, and loyalty to his friends. His role in this mission showcases his ability to think on his feet and come up with a plan that is both daring and entertaining.

Throughout the game, we see Lamar’s evolution from a small-time gangster to a rising star in the criminal underworld. His quotes and colorful language have become iconic among fans of the game, cementing his place as one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.


This Grand Theft Auto V mission playthrough offers a glimpse into the exciting and entertaining world of Los Santos. With its stunning graphics, Easter eggs, and unforgettable characters, this game keeps players coming back for more. Whether you are a new player or a longtime fan, this mission is sure to provide an enjoyable experience for all.

from be going back of the channel this time railway checking out of the mud
kidnapping information chopped introduces chocolate dog and a silly silly bear alright
so we’re just going through I’m sorry to take control of Franklin and get started
damn is that you ain’t you yeah thank God I missed her crazy ass she spirit walking this [ __ ] now
man that’s just her temps don’t be talking [ __ ] about so any man she got I mean she cooled as
a [ __ ] man come on come with you got a little picking up some [ __ ] from around the corner
man we can walk the top at the same time my [ __ ] we can’t try around the block with chop
you need to walk with your fat ass the okay Utah Lincoln son of a [ __ ] like a hand we’re
returning to control of Franklin so we’ll talk like you a couple of little Easter eggs around
the Clinton householders well firstly there’s some speculation that Franklin is actually his aunt his
daughter that she was the one that was sleeping with with CJ in the last GTO and last GTAC Santos
and this one as well so welcome back we missed you so that’s largely considered a easter egg
from rockstar because they lost a lot of people and then over the GTA 4 they pop this back in
because this this game represents a return to the bright colors and lenticular sness of sending
drones as opposed to the super serious version of the world in GTA 4 with an echo now just before
we go too far I want to point out one thing and this really does speak to the Mars genius and
for thought as a criminal mastermind take a look down the bottle that is in fact a custom number
plate all the month so he’s using his own thing which he has advantages plate on and thinks he’s
going to get away with this by simply putting a face mask not a criminal mastermind criminal
mastermind [ __ ] anyway let’s get going as I’m sure that’s not the only will you pay me to make
this cut some diver coming up my Tiki trader tough fool that [ __ ] went up man look homey oh my dine
you feel me but I just wanna die over something matters home that’s what for I’m gangster should
really be about and I know this was your mother [ __ ] oh cheese ain’t even giving a [ __ ] about us
though [ __ ] the whole cheese D you know what I’m sayin this ain’t no [ __ ] pyramid scheme
okay hold on let’s see you boy one time listen you boys want some paper my [ __ ] this is what it’s
about check it out I’m talking about Bodie dams no problem cash in hand two days time no killing
no no just starting another beat with the [ __ ] ball is [ __ ] that’s Class A felony [ __ ] we
gonna keep our disguise nobody got a goal with us you care whatever home you see a lot back
so that any fights his own man and he’s going to get away with this just by keeping
a disguise on it’s a good thing chops you ever satsang so that so while we in this bucket is
struggling on the incline interesting little commentary on the van after slowing down and
starting it back up again I hadn’t seen that bit of dollar before that’s a bit of meeting
all right so we’re nearly there speak for this intersection hanger right and then get rolling
as with all the missions if I can prefer to sneak a car backwards just makes it easy
it’s just an a little trick and means you can get away just that much quicker rather than that
in the back out turn around alright so now we’re being introduced to a former friend who is clearly
not a hit with this particular young lady all right so the family with masks on and then Lamar
in his classic style deals with everything very very smoothly all right the CGS [ __ ] y’all I
ain’t there a law against you are cast geishas insignia mass where [ __ ] oh so what’s up now
maybe you snitch in the saloon she asked Nick [ __ ] you [ __ ] smooth as silk Alomar right
now hey let’s disappoint so much point back in the thing in if they’re just going to reposition
the van on him at least they’re pointing us in the right direction I suppose that was a
fairly quick getaway and my position wasn’t super bright in that last little bit all right so what
we’re going to do he is gonna put some traffic in front of us I think they’re trying to encourage us
to use Franklin’s ability and that way we come out of corners a lot quicker and this slow old POS can
handle their reasonable recovery after clicking that Telegraph hole all over the place woman
that was a quick turn see that front wheel off the ground around the corner I am thoroughly impressed
with that man’s driving ability I think this site is sorry this mission is Robert Bailey we saw this
in a few missions previously where to increase in cycle excitement and competitiveness Rockstar
would use rubber banding or rubber banding to keep our partner or our racer close to us and or ahead
of us so we don’t end up overtaking or tapping out the mission too early or haha that was fantastic
all right so somehow he’s gotten up from that hit with the bus that is I’m impressed a boys bully
Brazilian alright so the discount for a run here no junk but a proper run and I think we’re about
to learn a little bit more about some of the here we go climbing mechanics the fact that we can get
up and over different obstacles oh good that’s an easy one I really do my and then okay Chuck is off
look cutscene and he’s on the train it’s slow-moving but that’s okay let’s switch
the shop and see what he’s up to now we don’t actually have control of chop this is just his
perspective than what what he gets doing so moving a bit slow it’s a bit of a prompt to
switch back to the boxcars and let’s go to check these out alright so opening up boxcars and chops
having a bit of a sniff around there seeing if you can find a little bit further up let’s
try the next boxcar chopped steak you wonder alright to me much longer and then see that so
I can swap back to chop and see what he is up to alright so it’s got the scent again I think
we’re going to see chase something you can just see the little swirl around the middle
of the screen there as well the indicate that you’d say scent and he’s sniffing around has it
got something yep he’s got something right I don’t awkward go that is not the target
right let’s see what and it’s yeah right chops having a good time back to them
back to Franklin so where is chop it’s a toilet back that’s clearly not working
all right we’re chopped off to then let’s see where there’s gone all
right so chops picked up another cent put a few my box class just
under so we’ll know all right first one to go again rock star doing funny things
one of the chocolates in the city chose happen and he’s off you know all that one little bitty
and begin Lamar still in the middle of the highest not wearing his mask and then getting
into the back of a car with a vanity plate as he was backing up we can clearly see what that play
was there it is again I’ll bring it up and just hold it there for a second but as he was getting
out he could clearly see one that play was if the bowler had no idea who was chasing him before he
certainly didn’t it does now and then just to top it off that’s calling the rent I know it was you
before you took that flag every system yeah the matter is not a criminal mastermind he’s a loyal
friend in his own way I think he tries to be a good man even though he’s a gangster and a hustler
and a murderer and now I’m doing a reissue but he’s just he doesn’t consider what he’s doing so
now we’re up and onto a cell phone that’s just not right all right that’s ledee man I think
that’s a smart thing Franklin’s done making this mission we just knocked right all right back to
the last place that really is a nice persecuted by the want to start team there are Easter eggs all
over Los Santos and there’s even get a couple in this was here plenty of video ain’t worried about
it [ __ ] gangster you know how I do I could take care of my sis l know the [ __ ] you kids ain’t
okay that’s it for this video thank you very much for watching if you like what we’re seeing please
leave a like down the bottom it really helps out the channel and if you brand-new please click that
subscribe and that notification button so you know when we receive sorry when we upload new
videos we try to upload it and open it thank you very much for watching I’ll see you in the next

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