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Can we get the Tennis Coach WITHOUT Destroying House?

In this video, Old Grumpy Gamer explores the Marriage Counseling mission in Grand Theft Auto V. He tries to find a way to complete the mission without destroying the mansion and even takes a shot at saving the tennis coach. However, the mission ultimately requires destroying the mansion to progress the story.
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GTA 5 Get the Tennis Coach WITHOUT Destroying House? NO MODS

Exploring the Marriage Counseling Mission in Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular open-world games, known for its intricately designed gameplay and compelling storyline. In this episode, we are going to take a closer look at the Marriage Counseling mission that involves the tennis coach in GTA 5.

The Plot of the Mission

In this mission, Michael discovers that his wife Amanda is having an affair with the tennis coach, prompting him to confront the coach at his mansion. This leads to a disagreement with the coach’s boss, who is a part of the Madrazo cartel. In the standard version of the mission, the player is required to destroy the architectural marvel that Madrazo has built in order to progress further.

Exploring Alternative Approaches

However, in this episode, we try to explore different ways to complete the mission without damaging the property. We attempt to take out the tennis coach instead of going after the mansion. We drive up to the coach’s house and use a sniper rifle to get a better view of the surroundings. Unfortunately, the coach is not visible through the sights, so we have to try something else.

Next, we try to get in from the other side of the house, but we encounter a roadblock that slows us down. It is evident that the game is designed to prevent us from getting to the coach’s house before he does. We finally get to the coach, but to our surprise, we find that he has a mistress who is equally upset about the situation. After following her movements, we find that there is no alternative way to complete the mission other than destroying Madrazo’s mansion.

The Mission’s Linearity

The early missions in GTA 5 tend to be quite linear, and deviating from the set path often results in immediate mission failure. This makes the game challenging and adds to the player’s experience. While we can try to discover different approaches to complete the mission, ultimately, the game forces us to follow the predetermined path.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is a groundbreaking game that continues to captivate gamers worldwide. The Marriage Counseling mission involving the tennis coach is just one example of the game’s intricacies, where players have to follow a predetermined path to progress. Despite this, the different approaches players can take to complete missions are what makes the game exciting, and exploring these approaches is part of what makes playing GTA 5 so enjoyable.

hi and welcome back to the channel my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer in this episode we’re
going to be looking at the marriage counseling mission that the immigrant that’s all that v
this is where GTA 5’s microwave and the Franklin have a disagreement with the droughts of a boat
before that Michael discovers that Amanda and the tennis coach power but really just
a little too friendly so what we’re going to do this time around is drive up to the tennis
coach’s house and see if there’s another way for us to take it out without having to destroy the
[ __ ] architectural a significant modern house that madrazo has kindly built freeze I’m going
to go with mistress so we’re just seeing the scene unfold at the moment Franklin’s
just stepped in and we’re about to resume control of Michael once we get going he’s
clearly very upset so jump in the truck go for a drive up to the mansion but instead
of going around the front and simply pulling the Foundation’s out from from under it let’s
see if we can and take out the tennis coach or maybe instead of destroying all of that property
now we have done a bit of a walkthrough of this one before will we follow the storyline I’ll put
a link up for that one and also there is another youtuber whoop not quite for life it has done a
video I’ve been trying to stop the bleeding tennis culture hitting his destination and
seeing if we can save him or otherwise to change the trajectory of this particular mission because
this what a number of other missions we’ve done lately in the GTA is early mission step is this
guy get out of the way is he just going to work first alone and yet the earlier missions in gta5
tend to be quite linear in the way that if they’re introduced at one deviated any significant fashion
then it’s game over a mission over I should say with explore this a few times particularly the
end is quite pronounced with Trevor and and brand brand sadly not necessarily faring terribly well
in that one alright so instead of going down the alleyway that will down the road which you can
see one that the mark on the GPS to anyone we’re going to approach the house from a different side
so this is the house that he’s in so I’m just gonna pop a sniper rifle up see what we can see
choppers overhead some workers there with gardens and that’s haven’t seen every other
side of the house now as you know we run a vanilla installation of grand theft auto no mods no tweets
just bond standard and that means that we don’t have access to things like lift all right so
let’s see can you see that doesn’t appear to be in [ __ ] exercise of fire she deserve this and a
few other bits and pieces of nice of a telescope but he’s not on the top floor valence is about
to the barn floor I only got a limited aspect for me here so it’s very very challenging you
see it’s bad once bus use that can knock down a gave me further think no knife we’re not going
to see him for this one that’s true okay there is there’s the decks and the microphone from I get
further on the same you can see it’s a lens only the next part and shoot alright so can’t seem from
let’s see if we can get in from the other side it’s okay no mods completely vanilla
bean sauce oh I can’t drop might go anywhere we can’t change where is that and what’s going
on where is he let’s make sure I think there is in his fancy leopard skin no less briefs
and still wearing socks so he was in a hurry socked in bed nets it’s a good look that one
and what I find I don’t know if you see what I’m saying he but there is a party going on in
that phone’s pants and the rest of his body’s body’s not provided that is just stellar he’s
also levitate look where the shadow is and his socks are he Sun actually touching the
ground it’s breathing okay so what can we do now let’s see if we can just pop him
in the gnomon so he just died okay so time to kill the tennis coach right let’s get rolling
hmm now that’s interesting we clip that formal drivers it was pulling out of the
driveway before and that put us quite a bit behind the eight ball as far as catching up
to our coach window and if you notice that really really old vintage Winnebago or that
they’ve either pulled out their holdout well earlier then we would normally hit it I’m
guessing that’s put there so that you cannot you cannot get to the house before that tennis
coach does so that’s it does the rest of the set up for us that’s clever we’ll taste that
in the next round can you see what happens all right pull in what you know what we can see in
these pants
just well he hasn’t got boots to quake in this place you know what let’s see him in the butt and
see what happens we’ve got him yep in the back I’m reminded of an old little wimpy there I’ll
see if I can find a little later all right and again and get back up to the coach coming up to
where that full drive fall down last time there it is and we’re back on it to pace back on the pace
again this photo instead of it being a little bit behind when we lifted last time around so let’s
see if this IV pulls it yep it does it is designed to slow us right down it’s designed to it’s been
put there so you see how quickly that pull out there is designed specifically to stop us from
getting to the baby’s house around the house again that lets the owner that’s the mistress
Oh where’d she go I’ve not seen that before where she going oh she ain’t happy she ain’t
happy well and off she goes we’re to follow ever card Joaquin can’t take the Porsche to me can’t
lead Franklin so far because that will end the mission to keep you where’d she go oh she’s off
whining can out of the line and use it also for why you drama nearly there now
will we lose how are we going to lose cycle hope she hasn’t won this board
nope though she’s been cleaned up still running let’s see where she gets off to oh she ain’t happy
I genuinely did not expect this in history yeah she’s up for a little Johnny obviously it’s a
bit hard to get out do it then she is running in you move fast that’s open way just go for truck
she’s running back to the house I don’t know whether this is random or whether it’s a thing
but it seems like she’s heading back to the house pledge God mrs. stupid not a kid
well that’s it that he jumped done let’s see if she turns right in here get back
to the house back to home base where she go she’s off and probably off all right
we’re gonna lose Frank kind of food yeah well that was entertaining where did she
go is just a standard mom name I don’t wonder what happens if we take her out
yeah hey she is let’s pop her and see what goes on three two one and so he’s just sent
someone murdered he’s just seen his mistress murdered not a cracker no it has whatsoever
yep he could be dead all right so Andy went back to our initial objective let’s
sneak back around here and see I think I had a lot of sight before words something
the lower extremities on his body enough just back side see that’s poppy meeting his floating
split well let it spook you [ __ ] shot in the ankle try again alright so this time around
we’re going to go down and I’m just going to try and take some of the blocks buddy spoofing
with that actually clipping white so how did he get out that’s he gonna he’s biting out
of there did he run up the hill that’s just silly there it is I’m gonna focus there we
are alright and is that focus and I’m gonna pop him in the shoulder and say what happens
well he’s going down and certainly not not apparently a killing one then the whining drummer
let’s see if we got again if I can get a better angle on some way to vodkas on Lewis Franklin
just kind of shoot your velocities time and see if that phrase
suppose all right that’s it I’m calling it that’s a fairly linear timeline there we can’t jump in
and do something interesting or different to the coach to try to get around what they wants
to be absolutely need is to destroy the drivers mansion to progress the story it does lead to
the jewelry heist which leads to Michael getting on TV sorry that you security go getting on TV
and Trevor finds room so I suppose but that’s it for this video thank you very much for watching
my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer if you like what you’ve seen please leave a like
below and if you’re new to the channel please subscribe and click that notification button so
you know when we post new videos also don’t forget about our milestone competition just
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