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Funny moments and fails (That’s Unfortunate Vol 1)

Here at Old Grumpy Gamers, we have a lot of fun making our videos. We're also not as good at Grand Theft Auto 5 as you might think!
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Here’s some highlights of our time working through the last weeks’ GTA 5 videos; through Mission 1 Prologue and Mission 2 Franklin and Lamar.

We have GTA 5 Fails, GTA 5 Crashes, Silliness, and one very, very unfortunate puppy 🙁

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

This is one of our first videos; we’re still learning and would love to hear your feedback! Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and click that Notification button!

hi my name is Dan and I would always rugby game a bit of a different video today what
we’re looking at is some of the fails and outtakes from the last week’s videos we’re
primarily concentrating on the first two missions of GTA 5 that’s Lamar and Franklin
Franklin and Lamar and GTA 5 first so let us try the let’s try its hand this time see if
we can shoot him off this side and get a win let’s wait for the right moment again
and you shot Michael this guy is trigger-happy make sure you
go clock in otherwise it’ll be game over and again
I’ll show him in the gun I hid the gun the gun still hit my leg
go think he’s upset byxis saw him the ability which was Franklin paisa for
our pasta and then watch what happens see that great why uncle that turn is sorry
I’m pushing down one left with you longer where did
everyone go it’s just this veal this is disappear

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